Written creations

The most beautiful of what the Sudanese writers has produced of written and poetic creativity over time and in various fields of literature, culture, politics, arts and history ... Join us to learn about a huge amount of creativity

 Dar "Madarak" is located on Mohamed Naguib Street in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and is registered in accordance with the law. It is one of the distinguished publishing houses, which continued to enrich the Sudanese library with many publications and literature that promote freedom of thought, expression and publication.

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تقع دار "مدارك" بشارع محمد نجيب بالعاصمة السودانية الخرطوم، وهي مُسجلَّة وفقاً للقانون. وهي إحدى دور النشر المتميزة، التي استمرت تثري المكتبة السودانية بالعديد من المطبوعات والمؤلفات المُعزِّزة لحرية الفكر والتعبير والنشر".

لطلب النسخة الورقية المطبوعة من أي كتاب قم بزيارة logo 4