Sudanese Digital Press is the place where you can find all the sudanese related media, news from any side, knowledge and most important all this is exclusivly for you:

Sudanese Digital Press Features

SDP is a simple user interface blocks that hook seamlessly into the sudanese media.
Visual editor to allow all the blooger in Sudan to write, edit and publish what they want
Easy-to-use drag-n-drop article manager makes layouts a breeze to create and easy to read
Made a mistake in the layout manager? No problem, you can easily undo it
Icon Picker, Image Picker, Font Picker, Collections, and much, much more!
Dynamic team of multiple nationality waiting to support your needs and publishing
Easy payment methods to allow all sudanese to mkae payment, using varity of App's
SDP is integrated in ORBITCALL as a payment service to make it easy for you to join
Plat-Form is programmed to include all languages, chose the one you want

System work on

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari 11+, IE11/MS Edge, old browser like Netscape or mobile Delphine are also working
SDP App is working for Android Systems and no need for extra rights needed from your Mobile
SDP App is working for IOS Systems and no need for extra rights needed from your Mobile