About Us

A young multi-cultural team of different nationalities specialized in IT, software development and Telecommunication along with a solid experience in payment getaway design.


Ahmed Gaffar CEO

A software engineer and AI specialist. A long career in IT & software development with companies in Germany (HP, Volkswagen, Vodafone, Göttingen University, RSW Orga)

Carsten Preuß CTO

A programming & networking engineer. A specialist in cyber security with more than 30 years of career experience including CTO for HP for 17 years and Göttinger Grouppe

Dr. Yvonne Krüger business development director

A multi-talented professional, tracks new markets and emerging trends, recommends new products and services, proposes and develops new strategic partnerships

Jo’se Gonzalez Product manager & Planning

A highly professional, managing and guiding the product process and handling the production material as required

Astrid Bergmann Design Officer

A talented eye for every need with vast experience in Design and media requirements including the publishing of digital materials

Lela V. Rashvili Customer Support Manager

A multilingual professional, boosting customer satisfaction by immediate issues solving & very solid know how

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